Saturday, February 25, 2017

5 Months!

Our Lucy girl is 5 months and time is flying by!!! She is doing so much each day and we are just trying to hold on for dear life and enjoy all her new fun things!!!
Height: same
Weight: same
Shoe size: 1
Diaper size: 2
Bottle: 4 6 oz bottles
Started eating oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, and pears! Loves them all!!
Has rolled over a couple of times
Loves to sit up and can sit up for a little bit with no help
Lights up when we walk in the room
Definitely knows mommy, daddy, Vera Kate, Reid, Poppie and Annie
Changed rooms. We switched Vera Kate and Lucy's room. So she has a new room now.
Started sleeping in her crib for naps and nighttime. Still swaddled
This was very hard for mommy to put Lucy in her room but I knew it was time! 
She loves to laugh and giggle
Loves to reach out and touch and feel things
Will grab onto your hair and face and get it a great big pull! HA!
Loves her rattle and chew toys
Loves for Vera Kate and Reid to read books to her
Honestly she just likes being the center of attention!! HAHAHA!! And she is most of the time!!!

Little Lucy girl's smile is contagious and she is a little tease and flirt!!

Everything is sooo funny!!!


A picture before her first bites of cereal!

Hmmm what is this stuff???

Lucy LOVES bathtime!!

Time for baby food making again!! We LOVE sweet taters!!

Lucy had her first little cold! It was no fun at all! Her little cough was terrible!! She is a drooly little thing so all that and snot... she had herself a not so fun cough!

Mom... when can I have pizza?!?!

So many new things for little Lu! She loves her bouncy thing!!! 
Happy 5 months LU!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Heart DAY!

Valentines day was super fun around here filled with lots of sweets and candy!!
TROLLS movie!!!!! 

Vera Kate at her little Valentines day party!

Reid and Lucy showing off their hearts and red!!

Happy first Valentines day sweet girl!!! You are LOVED!

Yikes!!! Look at all the candy!!!! 
We had a fun night with yummy pizza and cookie cake!! My kinda night with all my favorite valentines!!!!


Vera Kate had her first gymnastics meet a couple of Friday nights ago!! She was soo excited to show off all her gymnastics skills!!

Little sis and the gymnast 

All of the little gymnast got to show their skills on beam, vault, bars, and floor exercise!

Vera Kate waiting to perform vault

Some of Vera Kate's cheering section!!

So proud of our little gymnast!!

So big!! 

Vera Kate really loves gymnastics and she does a really good job! We love seeing her perform and enjoy something really fun!

4 months!!

Well 4 months has come and gone... actually five months has come and gone! Oops! But never fear just gotta play catch up!! Sweet Little Lucy had a great 4 month birthday!! 4 months means back to the doc for a check-up and those yucky shots!! She did great at her appointment and was smiling by the time we left the office! We love this sweet girl and love watching her grow and learn new things!!
Height: 24 inches ( 30 percentile)
Weight: 13.6 pounds (40 percentile)
Head circumference: 16.1 inches 
Our doc gives you a fancy print out with all the measurements now! Whoo hoo! Helps this mom of three remember the details! HA!
Shoe size: still has not worn shoes
Diaper size:2
Bottles: 4 6 oz bottles daily sometimes there are 5 bottles
Sleep: most of the night and naps about 3-4 times a day

Sweet girl is so smiley and loves to laugh
She is very nosy and loves to look around!

Enjoying a sunny day with big sis!

Loves sitting in her bumbo so that she can see what is going on in the world!!

Lucy's first snow!

Photo shoot with Special K!

We love you sweet Lucy girl!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Well snow was in the forecast and we went to bed thinking will it snow or will it not?!?!!?! Well it DID! And we got a really good covering actually!!! School was out and daddy even got to stay home from work!! It was a fun SNOW DAY!!

These two LOVED it this year!!

Snow angels!!

Bumper bopper sledding!

Snowball fight!!

The aftermath and the laundry... ughhh, but worth it... right;)

A break for hot cocoa!!
Then it was back out with little Lucy! But only for a few seconds because it was sooooooo COLD!!!

Daddy built Lucy her first snowman!!!

Vera Kate's first snowman on top and Lucy on bottom!!!!!
Happy SNOW DAY!!!

Happy Birthday DADDY!!!

Daddy turned 36!!!! We had a great time celebrating daddy's birthday!! We celebrated with Annie and Poppie on New years day!! 
Vera Kate painted daddy a canvas for his office!!

Helping daddy!!

Daddy chose a strawberry cake this year!!!


Everyone LOVES to lick the candles!!

Poppie and Annie gave daddy tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters for his birthday!! They kept Lucy and we had a fun night with the big kids!!

We enjoyed the yummy spaghetti warehouse before!! Balloon animals were a hit!!

We had great seats and a great time!! 

Thanks Poppie and Annie!!
And happy birthday daddy!!!! WE LOVE YOU BIG!!!