Saturday, October 22, 2016

Baby DAY!!

September 16, 2016 is a day we will never forget! Just like Vera Kate and Reid's birth stories our new little baby has a special birth story all her own!! I can remember most of the details from each of my kids birth stories pretty vividly and each day was just as special to me! Each day was one of the best days of my life!! Along with wedding day all three of their BIRTHdays have been my favorite days!! This day did not disappoint in being so special and so blessed!! A very happy and emotional day!!!
It all began at about 7:30 am when Brian and I got to the hospital to get checked in and to get ready!!
We were so excited to meet our new little one and could not wait to find out boy or girl!!! 
We got all hooked up and things started to get rolling!! I am pretty sure my water had been broken and epidural had been started by like 10 am so we would just wait on baby at that point!!
Vera Kate, Reid, Special K and all the grandparents arrived to the hospital at like 9:30 that morning!! Vera Kate and Reid were soo excited and they did great!!
Last pic as a family of four!!

Vera Kate and Reid were a little unsure of mommy in the hospital bed with all the stuff but they did great!! 

The big bro and big sis waiting!!
The family in the waiting room!
Every one was kinda coming and going from the delivery room into the waiting room! It was around lunch time so they were taking shifts going to cafeteria! 
I remember mom and dad and special K heading to cafeteria because I was only like 3 cm so we were thinking we had plenty of time! Brian and Reid were back in the room with me and then Reid decided he wanted to go back to waiting room so Brian took him! 
Around 12;30 or so the nurse came in and checked me and said she saw some variables in baby's heart rate on the screen so she put oxygen on me. I was 5 cm at that point. The next thing I know the doctor is coming in because something was going on whenever I would have a contraction. Baby heart rate would decrease so the doctor was going to check me and see! Well I literally went from like 5-10 cm super fast and it was time to have a baby!! It was crazy fast! People started coming in my room and getting everything set up. It was time to PUSH! Seriously could not believe it! SO FAST!! 
Dr. K got ready and we were ready to PUSH!!! Two pushes later our sweet GIRL was here!!!! Brian said my face was priceless as Dr. K pulled her out and turned her over so I would see her "parts"!!! IT was a GIRL!!!! I just lost it! I had been thinking boy so I was shocked to say the least!!
Well our sweet girl came out a little traumatized! She had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice and it was super tight. They had to immediately take her over to isolet to work on her. She was not crying at this point and well it was very scary! But all of a sudden I heard that sweet fiery cry!! The BEST sound!! But they were still working on her so I knew something was a little different! Brian was able to go over and see her and I could kinda see her from where I was! It was very scary and definitely a different experience. The NICU staff had also come rushing in. 
So with all that drama our little one blew a tiny hole in her lung. With her first breath it was just a little much and she had injured her little lung. It is called a pneumothorax. 
They assured us all was well but that she would have to go to the NICU to see exactly what was going on and for further observation! We were able to hold her and see her for a little bit before they took her!

Here SHE is!! 
Lucy Anne Ray
Born on September 16, 2016 at 1:48 pm
7 lbs 2 oz and 21.75 inches long
Delivered by Dr. Keegan

By this point she was good to go... crying and mad but had that small hole in her lung so her breathing was a little different. 

Documentation of all the NICU nurses that had rushed in to work on sweet Lucy!

Mommy's first kiss and hug!!

First pic of mommy, daddy, and Lucy!!

So the NICU staff took Lucy up and it was time to tell everybody our baby was HERE!! We had to go to plan B so Brian went out and got everybody and brought them back!
I love Brian's face! We have a pic of when he came out when Vera Kate was born that almost looks the exact same! Reid was born at 3 am so there was no waiting room appearances! HA!
So Brian went out and got everyone and brought them back!!

So I whispered in Vera Kate's ear that the baby was a GIRL and our LUCY was here! She told everyone and it was pure JOY! Everyone was soo excited!!

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!!! Special K made us a yummy cake to celebrate!!!

The NICU came down to tell us that Lucy was doing great but that she indeed had a pneumothorax so she would have to stay in NICU and be monitored until it healed. So Brian went to see her and check on her while I got finished in labor and delivery. I could go up as soon as I went up to the postpartum floor.
Our little Lucy in her NICU bed.

My sweet nurse! She was great!
Reid did not like me in that hospital gown so I got changed and was ready to go see Lucy!!
This was a very emotional moment for me! 
Holding my sweet Lucy and seeing her! Lets just say there were LOTS of tears!

Mommy, daddy, and Lucy

Poppie and Annie meeting Lucy

Big bro and big sis meeting our sweet Lucy!

First pic as a family of 5!!!!

Our sweet Lucy! What a day!!! It was so bittersweet! But filled with so much JOY!!!! We were so thankful that she was here! And she was very healthy with just a minor boo boo!! I would be lying if I said that everything went as planned because it did not but all in all we were healthy and gonna be just fine!!! The Lord blessed us that day and protected us in many ways!! It could have been much worse.
A verse that came to mind that day was 
"A man's heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9

"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen" Ephesians 3:20

Waiting on Baby!!

Ok I have LOTS of blogging to do and well basically at this point I should just give up but I cant because this is how I remember things in our lives! HAHA!! I do enjoy going back and reading my blog entries and it brings back fun memories so I must press on and keep on blogging! 
So most of the beginning of September we were waiting on our baby!!!! The kids and Brian made a couple of trips to Starkville and mommy stayed home to relax and wait! 
Ready to go!

Dippin Dots break!

The crew minus mommy!

I never take pics of the preggo belly but I thought I could at least document with one! This is me and baby at 38 weeks the Saturday before being induced on Friday!

Last Sunday with just Vera Kate and Reid!

Ice cream date!! 
We had fun making memories and doing special things the week or so before baby!! I enjoyed spending time with just Vera Kate and Reid!! Because things were about to change!!! For the good of course!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kicking off FALL!!

Cant believe it is September!!! Which means baby month, football, cooler weather(hopefully), and all things pumpkin spice!!! WHOO HOO!!
Reid is playing tball this fall!! And guess who the coach is?!!?! DADDY!! So they got to pick their team color and name! Cubs of course!!

Playing 1st base!

Daddy has to help all the other kiddos and so Annie stepped in to help Reid on the field!!! 

Reid made this amazing family portrait at school!

Saturday morning waiting on Poppie and Annie to pick them up to head to Starkville!!

Football is back!! The gang's all here! Except mommy of course!! I am hanging home and waiting on baby!! We just did not think it was a good idea for me to be in that heat!!

But thanks to photos I am not missing a beat!!

Love this pic of Poppy and Vera Kate

Glad Mea snapped this pic of the Ray/Gordon kiddos!! We love fall and football because we get to play with the Gordons!! I am just sad I missing my girl chat/catch up time with Mea!!

Well the game was UGLY but hey we have been fans long enough to know you never give up on the dawgs!! We just enjoy the fellowship and friends and if we get a W well that is a bonus!!!! We love this time of year!!!! 

Showering Baby!!

A few Sundays ago some really sweet friends had baby a little shower here in Hernando!! So blessed by our friends and family we are surrounded by!! My sweet friend Erin hosted and everything was amazing!!

I have amazing talented friends that always decorate to the top!!

One of my sweet friends is an amazing baker/cook and she made these awesome cookies!!

Our sweet Jones girls!! They are welcoming twin siblings around Christmas and we are like so pumped for our bro/sis to have fun friends!!!

JuJu just happened to be in town during the shower so she got to attend!! Fun to have her here!!!

And Nonnie was able to come so that was awesome for her to be here also!!

And thanks to Special K the family photographer I have documentation of our lives that I would not have if it were not for her!! She spoils me and takes care of me!!

Opening presents!! I had LOTS of help!!!
Such a fun day showering our baby!! We are set up and ready!!! We have diapers and wipes for days!! Whoo Hoo!! Bring on baby!!