Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas with Pops and Nonnie

VK and Reid were so excited they could barely stand it!!

A little Pinterest craft for Nonnie


Poppy Pjs

This girl loves a good craft! She created this little owl pillow sooo fast

Little Lucy girl enjoyed the festivities also!
thanks Nonnie and Pops

Fun on Christmas break!

Funny face coasters!!

Lucy's first visit to church

Reid sang in the Sunday am service! 

Cheese dip with friends!!

Getting our nails done for Christmas!!

Cookie baking time

Christmas cookies with friends!!

Lucy's BFFs!!! She cant wait until they are bigger and everybody can play!!

Christmas cookie bake 2016

Lucy LOVES to sit up and look around so we decided it was time to pull out the good ole high chair!! Now she is happy during meal times because she can watch what everyone is doing!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

3 Months!

Our little Lucy girl is 3 months old!! Cant believe it!! She is growing like a week and learning and doing so much each day!! We love her so much!
Weight: not sure exactly
Height: not sure... will get checked at her 4 month app
Food: Formula 5 1/2 oz every 4 hours
Sleep: all night most nights and some really good naps during the day!
Still loves being swaddled
Smiling and laughing! She has found her voice and loves squealing!
She also loves her hands!!
She loves watching and laughing at Vera Kate and Reid! They are seriously her favorite!!
Diaper size: 1 and moving up to 2s
Clothes: 3,6, 9 month
Shoes: none
She LOVES her bath!
We put her in her high chair this month for her to look around during dinner time and she LOVES it!! 
She is starting to try and grab things! Working on the hand eye coordination
Has really started to do MUCH better with tummy time!

This girl is a wiggle worm!!
She loves her play mat, swing with Maizy, and her bumbo!
She loves to look around and see what is going on! She will let you know if you are not showing her what is going on! 

We had lots of Christmas firsts this month!! She met Santa, went to church for the first time, and enjoyed lots of fun Christmas activities!! 

We LOVED playing dress up in our Christmas outfits!!

Blue eyes and some really really long eyelashes!

Our sweetest little gift this Christmas! 

Happy 3 months sweet Lucy girl!!

Christmas parties!!

Time for Vera Kate and Reid's Christmas parties!! Vera Kate's party was on Thursday and we had a fun time with her class!!

I had to leave her party early because Reid's teacher called me saying Reid had thrown up at school... AWESOME. Ugh! Anyways thankfully Mrs Erin always takes good care of Vera Kate for me when I cant be around!! 

Vera Kate making her craft!

Sweet girl!!

Vera Kate's class won a Conxion gym party and she was pumped!! The traveling trampoline made it to school!! 

Then it was time for Reid's party!! He was ready to go!
Making his craft!

Getting ready to sing!!

We LOVE Mrs. Lisa!!

My sweet little guy!! 
Schools out for CHRISTMAS!!!!!

A Visit with SANTA!

We had a wonderful visit with good ole Santa Claus!! This was Lucy's first meeting with the jolly ole guy and she loved him!! Santa always comes to visit us at our friends the Carlisles and we enjoy yummy treats and fellowship!! Santa shows up with his bells and all the kids go crazy!! It is soooo fun!! We love this little fun tradition!!
Lucy's ready to meet Santa!

All three smiling this year!!! No tears! HA!

We LOVE Santa!!

Vera Kate was sure to take her list and tell Santa exactly what she wanted!! She was very serious about reading her list to him!!

Sweet Santa was taking it all in!! HA!

Little Lucy and Santa!

Vera Kate and Santa!
Reid was more into playing with friends this year than really hanging with the big guy! 

Our fun friends!!

Bye Santa!! See ya next year!!! Santa leaves the reindeer at the airport and drives a van to his appearances;)!!

Christmas with Santa 2016