Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ready for 1st grade!!

Cant believe it but 1st grade is here!!!! Vera Kate started one week ago and has been loving it!!! 
We got manicures for the first day!!

Meet the teacher!! Vera Kate got an amazing teacher and we are soo excited!! She has a few friends in her class also!! So fun!

We set up a little desk area in our kitchen for homework time!! Vera Kate was ready to get started!!

Ready for our first day!!!

Such a big girl!! All ready to go!!

For the first couple of days mommy was able to walk Vera Kate into the classroom and then it was back to business with just dropping off in the am!! Daddy actually takes Vera Kate to school in the mornings and they love their time together!!

Vera Kate and her little friends!! So big!

1st grade probs!!! One tired little girl!!! 

We also had promotion at church! Reid moved to a new room and Vera Kate moved upstairs to the children's department for lots of fun new adventures!!!

Finishing Up Summer!!

Well summer has officially come and gone!!! We had such a fun summer and did lots of fun stuff!! We wrapped it up with a bang!! HA!
Sprinkler park at Children's museum!

4th of July celebration at church

4th of July pizza

4th of July celebration with family at Poppie and Annie's

Another tooth gone!

We traveled to Madison one weekend! I was there for a couple of nights and then went to the beach with friends. Brian and the kids stayed longer!! They went to a MS braves game!

Beach time with friends!! It was an awesome and relaxing week! Thanks Annie and Daddy!!

Coolest kid ever!!

More swimming at Poppie and Annie's!! What a blessing this pool has been this year!! Thanks Poppie!!!

Getting ready for baby!!

So many teeth gone!! We think she looks like a Jack-o-lantern! HAHA!

Sweet smile!!

Olympic gold medal gymnast came to our gym!!!!! So fun to meet her!!! Vera Kate was sooo excited!!! We are loving some Olympics!!!!

6 year old interview

Here is our little interview with the big 6 year old!!!!!
How old are you? 6
What was the best thing that happened to you last year?  graduating KindergartenWhat makes you happy? gymnasticsWhat is your favorite thing to do? doing gymnastics
What is something you don't like to eat? broccoli
What is your favorite thing to eat? pizza and tacos

What is your favorite animal? dogs and cats
What is your favorite TV show? you tube gymnastics videos
What are you really good at? swimming and gymnastics
What is your favorite movie? Secret Life of Pets
What is your favorite color? pink and blue
What is your favorite song? Hall of Fame
What is your favorite Bible story? Noah
What's something you're not so good at? tennis

Who is your best friend? Chase, Jenna
What do you and your mommy like to do together? shop
What do you and your daddy like to do together? go shopping for mommy birthday
What do you and Reid like to do together? play 

What is your favorite thing about school? LearningWhy are you excited about first grade? I like to sit by friends at lunch
What is your favorite sport to play? none
What is your favorite sport to watch? swimming
Where is your favorite place to go? to school
What is your favorite book? Pete the Cat

Why are you happy to be 6? get to learn more stuff
When do you feel the most loved? at home

What makes you mad? Reid taking my toys
What are you afraid of? the dark in my bedroom
If you had one wish, what would you wish for? a little vault

What is the funniest word? you are silly
What do you want to be when you grow up? gymnastics coach

Vera Kate you are sooo big and we love you so much!!!! You have really grown this past year and your little personality is awesome and so fun! You are the sweetest ever and have the biggest heart! You are still very shy and meek but you are coming out of that shell more and more!! You have lost more teeth than I can count and the tooth fairy is going broke! HA! You have totally rocking the whole pulling/loosing teeth thing. You have pulled every single one of them on your own and you rock at it!!You still love dance and your love for gymnastics is something fierce! You are seriously always doing a hand stand or cartwheel or some other kind of gymnastics move! You finished HBK and graduated kindergarten! You swim like a fish! In your free time you like to watch your ipad and watch gymnastics videos! You are so smart and you have learned to read and you are really good at it! You are gonna be a big sister again and I know you will rock it! 
We love you Vera Kate and we are so proud of you!!! We are excited about all the new journeys you will take this year in 1st grade!! We know you are going to learn and grow so much!!!! We love you sweet girl!!

She's 6!!!

Our big girl turned 6 and I just cant believe it!!! 6????? REALLY??!! CRAZY!!
Vera Kate's birthday fell on a Saturday this year so that was super fun to have everybody home on her actual day!! We started off with birthday pancakes!!
Then we decided to give her present from us to her before the actual party!!
A gymnastics beam!!!! We LOVE gymnastics around here! Always flipping and twirling!

Future Olympian?!?!!!!HA!

Then it was time for the festivities!!! Vera Kate decided to have her party at Poppie and Annie's new pool!!! And she wanted a shopkins theme!

Special K and T got Vera Kate a special gift... a fish!!!! We named her Ariel! She is red so it is only appropriate her name be Ariel!

Too big! 6!!!!

Sweet bro and sis!

Vera Kate wanted a cookie cake this year and what a good idea!! It was soo yummy!!

Happy Birthday to Vera Kate!

Present time!

Back in the pool for more swimming!!

Kit is all ready for the pool now!

Happy Birthday Sis!!! We LOVE YOU!!!