Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kicking off FALL!!

Cant believe it is September!!! Which means baby month, football, cooler weather(hopefully), and all things pumpkin spice!!! WHOO HOO!!
Reid is playing tball this fall!! And guess who the coach is?!!?! DADDY!! So they got to pick their team color and name! Cubs of course!!

Playing 1st base!

Daddy has to help all the other kiddos and so Annie stepped in to help Reid on the field!!! 

Reid made this amazing family portrait at school!

Saturday morning waiting on Poppie and Annie to pick them up to head to Starkville!!

Football is back!! The gang's all here! Except mommy of course!! I am hanging home and waiting on baby!! We just did not think it was a good idea for me to be in that heat!!

But thanks to photos I am not missing a beat!!

Love this pic of Poppy and Vera Kate

Glad Mea snapped this pic of the Ray/Gordon kiddos!! We love fall and football because we get to play with the Gordons!! I am just sad I missing my girl chat/catch up time with Mea!!

Well the game was UGLY but hey we have been fans long enough to know you never give up on the dawgs!! We just enjoy the fellowship and friends and if we get a W well that is a bonus!!!! We love this time of year!!!! 

Showering Baby!!

A few Sundays ago some really sweet friends had baby a little shower here in Hernando!! So blessed by our friends and family we are surrounded by!! My sweet friend Erin hosted and everything was amazing!!

I have amazing talented friends that always decorate to the top!!

One of my sweet friends is an amazing baker/cook and she made these awesome cookies!!

Our sweet Jones girls!! They are welcoming twin siblings around Christmas and we are like so pumped for our bro/sis to have fun friends!!!

JuJu just happened to be in town during the shower so she got to attend!! Fun to have her here!!!

And Nonnie was able to come so that was awesome for her to be here also!!

And thanks to Special K the family photographer I have documentation of our lives that I would not have if it were not for her!! She spoils me and takes care of me!!

Opening presents!! I had LOTS of help!!!
Such a fun day showering our baby!! We are set up and ready!!! We have diapers and wipes for days!! Whoo Hoo!! Bring on baby!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Update on Baby!

I gotta do an update on our sweet little baby!! Poor little 3 I have not done as well documenting the pregnancy but I do want to update because I have enjoyed looking back and reading Vera Kate and Reid's pregnancy highlights and birth stories!! It is amazing what you forget!! Anyways, we have been rocking right along with this pregnancy and baby has been doing great!! I have been nausea on and off throughout. It was horrible for the first months but got better but sometimes it lingers and there are certain things I still cant eat!! Anywho we have been rocking along! But little 3 is not to be out done by big brother and big sister! With each of my pregnancies my blood pressure starts trending higher at the end! I have been doing great! But around 34ish-35 weeks it starts creeping up. So last Friday I ended up in labor and delivery triage with blood pressure issues. I got kids off to school and felt awful and my blood pressure was crazy high so off mom and I went to the hospital. 
Once we got to hospital my blood pressure had settled a bit. But we had lots of tests run, had an ultrasound, and got to listen to babys heartbeat all afternoon long! HA! This baby is a wiggle worm and was all over the place. Resting heart rate for this little one is in 150s but when moving and going crazy it was jumping to 170s! Active little booger and times! Even so much that this one is still flipping and flopping at 35 weeks... eek! So after an afternoon of relaxation in the hospital I was released on meds and "take it easy" orders. Also had to do a 24 hour urine collection at home. And return to doc the next week! So here we are as with big sis and big bro... weekly checks and ultrasounds until baby arrives!! 

But we dont mind seeing this cute face every week until delivery!! We definitely have big brother and big sisters nose and cheeks!!! And look at those lips!! 

JuJu is in town so we celebrated her birthday! I have been laying around alot and spending some quality time with good ol JuJu! HA!

Spending time with big bro one morning before school! He loves some one on one attention. Reid is definitely the one affected by all the crazy and weird. Why is mommy not taking me to school and picking me up? I want mommy, mommy, mommy! HA! I am somewhat back to a normal routine and trying to pick them up and take them as much as possible but sometimes doc appointments interfere! But we are making it work until baby arrives!!

Another sneak peek at those cheeks! HA! We cant wait until our sweet baby arrives!!! Nursery is somewhat ready and so are we!!!! So we are 35 weeks and 5 days. This baby is measuring much bigger than big sis and big bro. So we shall see! 

Ready for 4K!

Reid man has been rocking 4K for a couple of weeks now!! He is going five mornings a week and doing great!! Reid is a definite mommas boy so he had a little trouble getting back into the routine but now we are doing good! We have Mrs. Lisa this year! Same teacher Vera Kate had in 4K! She is so good and we love her!!
Meet the teacher day! He wasn't much into pictures this day!

Ready for his first day!!

Hanging out in car rider line!!

Thumbs up for a good first day!!

Reidy and I spend a lot of time in car rider line these days!! The minivan is his playground!!! HAHAHA! We even have a tailgate chair set up in the back some days!! You have to get creative! HA!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ready for 1st grade!!

Cant believe it but 1st grade is here!!!! Vera Kate started one week ago and has been loving it!!! 
We got manicures for the first day!!

Meet the teacher!! Vera Kate got an amazing teacher and we are soo excited!! She has a few friends in her class also!! So fun!

We set up a little desk area in our kitchen for homework time!! Vera Kate was ready to get started!!

Ready for our first day!!!

Such a big girl!! All ready to go!!

For the first couple of days mommy was able to walk Vera Kate into the classroom and then it was back to business with just dropping off in the am!! Daddy actually takes Vera Kate to school in the mornings and they love their time together!!

Vera Kate and her little friends!! So big!

1st grade probs!!! One tired little girl!!! 

We also had promotion at church! Reid moved to a new room and Vera Kate moved upstairs to the children's department for lots of fun new adventures!!!

Finishing Up Summer!!

Well summer has officially come and gone!!! We had such a fun summer and did lots of fun stuff!! We wrapped it up with a bang!! HA!
Sprinkler park at Children's museum!

4th of July celebration at church

4th of July pizza

4th of July celebration with family at Poppie and Annie's

Another tooth gone!

We traveled to Madison one weekend! I was there for a couple of nights and then went to the beach with friends. Brian and the kids stayed longer!! They went to a MS braves game!

Beach time with friends!! It was an awesome and relaxing week! Thanks Annie and Daddy!!

Coolest kid ever!!

More swimming at Poppie and Annie's!! What a blessing this pool has been this year!! Thanks Poppie!!!

Getting ready for baby!!

So many teeth gone!! We think she looks like a Jack-o-lantern! HAHA!

Sweet smile!!

Olympic gold medal gymnast came to our gym!!!!! So fun to meet her!!! Vera Kate was sooo excited!!! We are loving some Olympics!!!!