Monday, November 28, 2016

8 weeks!!

Our sweet little Lucy girl is 8 weeks old and I cant believe it! Time flies when you are having fun!! We love this little sweet one!! I am gonna try and document her little growth just as I did big bro and big sis! She had her 2 month checkup and yucky shots! She is a perfect growing girl and those yucky shots were nooooo fun at all!! She cried sooo hard... bless her! Mommy did not like that at all!!
Weight: 11.3 lbs 
Height: 21.3 inches long
Clothes: 3 and 6 month
Shoes: no shoes yet
Diaper: Size 1
Bottle: 5 oz every 4 hours
Sleep: pretty good. Her daily routine is to eat, play and then nap. She naps ALOT in car line while picking up big bro and big sis! Also at night is doing good and basically just waking once!

Lucy loves to smile, coo, and make noises with us!! She will watch our mouth and then move her mouth!! We LOVE this gummy grin!!

She likes to sit up in her bumbo and watch the big kids play!! She also likes laying on her play mat and kicking her legs!! She hates tummy time however!

Checking out my favorite big brother!!!


Lucy loves Vera Kate and Vera Kate is infatuated with her little sis!! She is really good with Lucy and loves to help take care of her!

WE LOVE OUR baby!!

So we have this doll that hangs from our swing... we named her Maizy when Vera Kate was little. And Vera Kate LOVED talking and smiling at this doll!! Well here we are 6 years later and little Miss Lucy LOVES this doll as well!! She will literally sit in her swing and smile and have a good ol conversation with this doll!

Sweet smiley Lucy!

Lucy also has done some traveling to Starkville!!! And she met Bully!!! 
We love watching you grow our sweet little Lucy!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finishing October!

We had a few weeks of school were it seemed like everyday was a dress up day! This was western day for VK!

Reidy had community helper day so he was a firefighter!

Daddy and Lucy goofing around!

Mommy and Lucy love watching Christmas movies on hallmark!

It was time for flu shots and yogurt! Vera Kate and Reid did so good with their shots! It was touch and go for a minute but they did great and acted so brave!

Afternoon playtime after school!

Back to Starkville for a few more football games!!

The boys went to a basketball game so us girls had fun exploring campus!

The tailgate crew!!

Another fun game in the books and WE WON!!! FUN!!


We have been settling into somewhat of a routine around here!! Lots of action and things to do around our house!! Enjoying the season for sure!!
Lucy and mommy spend lots of time in car rider lines!! This day we were thankful it was FRIDAY! And we survived another week of car line!! 

Wide eyes at 3 am!

Saturday morning playtime and snuggles with the big bro and big sis!
Love lazy Saturday am!
We hosted our annual pumpkin carve! We decided to have it at Poppie and Annie's due to our house being a little crazy!!
We had our matching outfits on so we had to snap a few pics of course!

These two love our little Lucy!

Our littlest and newest pumpkin in the patch!!!

Reid and Poppie with Poppie's pumpkin

Daddy carved Darth Vader for Reid

Some of our pumpkins!!

Then it was time for trick or treating!
Our olympic gymnast and Dak ready to go!! 

Lucy enjoyed the festivities!

Candy and friends!! Nothing better!! HA!! 
It was a fun Halloween!

Visit from Uncle Stu and Aunt Kacie!

Lucy has had some choking issues with her bottle at times so we scheduled a swallowing test for her! She did great and basically she just gets in too big a hurry while eating! Gotta slow down! HA!!
Sweet girl! 
Uncle Stu and Aunt Kacie came to town and we were so excited to see them and hang out!! We tried to snap some family photos because well why not! Well a certain 6 year old was NOT in the mood but thankfully Special K was able to catch a few!!

JuJu was in town also!! So sweet Lucy got to meet lots more of the fam!

The G-town crew came up to see the DC fam!!

Loving on Uncle Stu!! So glad he and Aunt Kacie were able to visit and meet our newest little family member!!

Some of Lucy's first smiles!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

CUBs Tball!

We decided to let Reid play fall tball! It was fun and he loved it for the most part! We had some issues at the beginning of the season but it worked out and he was back to good ol normal Reid!! I think the issues had to do with the uncertainty of having a baby and what that was gonna look like! But after Lucy was born Reidman really settled back in to being his normal little self!!
Daddy was Reid's coach this fall and of course they were the CUBS!

Got his medal!

Daddy's little team gave him a signed baseball! So sweet!

Coach Brian giving out the medals!

The CuBS!!

A little pep talk!

Fun times!!